Destination – Japan Travel Destination: Okinawa

The birthplace of karate, home to rich culture and traditions and magnificent architecture, Okinawa consists of a 1000 kilometers long chain of hundreds of the Ryukyu Islands that may be divided into three main groups: Okinawa Islands, Miyako Islands, and Yaeyama Islands. Regardless of the controversy over the U.S. army bases scattered through the islands, there’s plenty to explore and revel in in this region; its sandy beaches and breathtaking coral reefs offer a both relaxing and lazy vacation and thrilling adventurous aquatic adventures.Culture
Okinawa may be the home from the Ryukyuan people. The customs and traditions show influences of Chinese, Thai and Austronesian cultures. Karate is one the most infamous cultural gift around the world, developed originally within the Ryuku Islands. Eisa dance depicts the fun and frolic aspect of the culture. Okinawans do not follow Buddhism like the majority of from the Japanese. Rather, they have their own religious beliefs and believe in ancestor worship, and are devoted to the gods and spirits of the natural world. Okinawa is rich with old and modern history, such as the famous 82-day Battle of Okinawa that took place during WWII.

The Okinawan diet is very sparse on calories. The mineral and nutrient rich food, genetic inheritance and environmental factors make Okinawa a place with one of the greatest life expectancy levels in the world. Traditional diet includes of large amount of green and yellow vegetables. Sweet potato can also be one of the main ingredients. Other well-known specialties range from the Okinawa “Soba” (buckwheat noodles), mango, a bitter version of a melon called “Goya,” black sugar, sea grapes, and much more. Okinawans consume a little bit of fish too. The tastes you experience are very different from what you would get in typical Japanese food.

In Japan, Okinawa is known for its optimal conditions to savor water sports. The archipelago in Okinawa is the best diving destination in Japan. Divers and snorkelers find heaven in the waters because they are home to more than 400 kinds of corals, five kinds of sea turtles, and numerous types of tropical fish, in addition to manta rays, hammerhead sharks and whale sharks. Surfing is another famous aquatic activity in Okinawa. Surfers run into some quite challenging waves. Offshore fishing can also be enjoyed in the region. Some of the fish species that may be spotted throughout the year within the waters are mahi mahi, tuna and marlin.

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